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Michelle Acuña I understand how valuable maintaining normalcy is during and after life gives one obstacles.  My family will always be my number one priority, and I directly realize the impact divorce can have on the family and on oneself.  I can empathize compassionately with the situation clients are going through, while remaining neutral. Just because a divorce is finalized doesn't mean that there won't be valleys along the way.  My experience has allowed me to support hundreds of families in the area of divorce.  I am expanding this work into my private practice because I am passionate about assisting clients in getting through a divorce in the most cost efficient and expedited manner possible, with the least amount of adverse impact.

I was born and raised in the north shore suburbs.  Being raised in this area has given me the gift to see life through the eyes of such a diverse population, and for that I will forever be grateful.   I seek to understand each individual as they are. I work through an unbiased lens so that I may guide clients to their desired end result.  

I have been a school social worker for the past 20 years.  I have been a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) for almost 15 years. I am fluent in both English and Spanish.  In my experience, I have seen how divorce can impact the divorcing couple and the children.  I have expertise in working with families who have children with special needs.  I am familiar with special education, individualized education plans (IEP's), 504 plans and college /career planning (young adults). I realize these can be areas where points of contention may arise in co-parenting or during the divorce process.  

I am passionate about collaborative divorce and serving in the role of the collaborative divorce coach. I may also serve as a child specialist.   I can assist clients in restructuring the family, one piece at a time with a team of collaborative professionals.  Mediation is another option I can assist with.  I can facilitate discussions that can lead to workable solutions.  Mediation and collaborative divorce both give the power and control to the divorcing couple, avoiding the financially exhausting litigative route.  If both clients are on board, finding resolution through collaborative or mediation is very feasible.    Additionally, I can provide services to a divorcing couples on co-parenting issues, parenting time plans, and post-divorce obstacles as well.  In some cases, I can bill insurance for therapy services for children of divorce. You can obtain more details on how I can support you in the divorce process on my "services" page. 

I hope that you will consider me to be part of your team that helps rebuild your new life . I will be the compass in my role, and clients decide which direction the divorce resolution will head. The team works together to help re-create the best new life possible for clients and children,  when there are children involved in divorce. 

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