Mediation Services

A mediator is a neutral person who assists clients in prioritizing the interests of each individual.   Whether you are just initiating the divorce process, are in the middle of a litigated divorce, or separating, I can be of assistance to help mediate any obstacles that may arise along the way.  Mediation can be implemented from start to finish in a divorce or separation. It can also be implemented for particular issues during the divorce or separation process if the case is already in litigation or clients are divorcing or separating on their own.  Mediation can be utilized for post-decree or parenting plan issues that need to be re-opened.  The goal is to eliminate barriers so that resolution can be reached for the development of a reasonable and mutually accepted plan.  As a mediator, I will facilitate communication between both clients, and will keep the process on track to reach resolution in an efficient manner.  In mediation, each client retains their own attorney.  When using a mediator,  there is not a team of professionals working together on the plan. I draft the plan with both clients, and then the clients bring the drafts back to their individual attorneys for input until a plan is finalized. 

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