What are the benefits of a collaborative divorce?

-One of the largest benefits to a collaborative divorce is that clients maintain control of the outcome in the divorce. Another tremendous benefit is the financial savings, often times almost half the cost of litigation, when clients are willing to work collaboratively. All the funds saved by utilizing the collaborative model can be used towards things that bring joy such as furnishing a new home, family vacations, saving for college or retirement, etc... Clients also conclude the divorce in a more peaceful manner, where both clients walk away feeling more heard because everything discussed in collaboration is interest-based. The clients have the final say in their divorce, not a judge. What makes collaborative divorce unique is that you have a team of professionals working with clients towards the same goals. The clients, both client's attorneys, the divorce coach, and when applicable a financial neutral all work together to attain goals that are reasonable for both clients.  CLICK HERE for a short video that explains the  Collaborative Divorce process.

What are the benefits of a mediated divorce?

-Many of the benefits of a mediated divorce are similar to that of a collaborative divorce as referenced above, but there are distinctions. Both clients do retain attorneys, but there is not a team approach with this model. As a mediator, I would sit down with both clients and guide them towards resolutions. A draft would be taken to each client's attorney for revision until all areas of the decree are agreed upon. Attorneys would finalize the decree in court.

Do I still need to retain an attorney if I hire you for divorce services?

-Yes. If clients choose the route of a collaborative divorce, each client would need to retain their own attorney who is trained in collaborative practices. The same would apply with a mediated divorce. You will still need an attorney, however, by utilizing my services, the overall cost of your divorce will go down because clients do most of the legwork with my guidance. If you need assistance in obtaining legal representation, I can provide you with resources.

What are the benefits of getting support in the area of co-parenting?

-If you have children and you are divorcing, there are many obstacles that may occur that could ultimately result in stress for the children. My role would be to help support parents and train them in becoming the best co-parents, AKA "business partners in child-rearing" possible. It is impossible to anticipate all the hurdles along the way. I will bring my experience in working with families of divorce to the table to help minimize those hurdles.

What are the benefits in getting counseling support for my child?

- A child's resiliency with divorce could be contingent upon the child's age, genetic predisposition, the way parents support and respond to the child, and other varying factors. Parents who are divorcing want the best outcome for their child in divorce. By ensuring that your child has a neutral person to speak with, you increase your child's chances of coping better with the divorce both in the short-term and in the long run.

What should I expect at the first appointment?

-The first point of contact will be a complimentary 30 minute phone call with each client. I will then set up an appointment with each client separately to obtain more information on the situation and to hear your goals.   After that, both clients will meet with me together (perhaps with the team in the collaborative divorce case) to begin working out the details of their future divorce decree.

***Clients may have questions that are not listed here. Please contact me directly with any specific question you may have, and I may have an answer for you.  If not, I will guide you on where to obtain a potential answer.

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